Technology? Yes it helps alot. But are we using it in the right time? right place? People nowadays are being prisoned by our own technological advancements. People tend to look at their gadgets 24/7, people don’t see the beauty of having a life of being raw and away from this technology. People in today’s generation set they standard based on what they see, what they read, and what they watch. People tend to criticize and judge others because of they don’t comply to the standard they set for thos society. Teenagers are being depressed, sad, and lonely because of what the social media brings to them. Millennials are over reacting based on what they saw in the internet, it’s also alarming that the issue of this generation is not being acknowledged. People really don’t know the feeling and experience of having fun and bond of friends amd families due to this issue, because instead of talking to each other everyone is holding their gadgets and scrolling in their phones. They missed the most important aspect in one’s life. Great communication. Technology has a big part of this generation. Yes it helps, but does it really helps us to be together as one? The right and responsible use of technology can make us and our generation more beautiful and productive. -poleengrys♥️