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To your Future Woman,
This is an open letter to let you know that you must treat your next woman right. This is to show you to love her unconditionally with all of your heart.
As I wrote this, I can’t barely smile and a tears approaching to fall. Let’s start discussing about me as being tough to handle, I really wish that I can pull back the times that we are both gibberish happy to each other. I wish that I can change my attitude towards you more earlier. Sorry for being me. Sorry for having an attitude sometimes, but I know you once knew my burdens and how pure my heart is.
We both knew that we’re now drift our ways to each other. And if ever you found someone that can fulfill you and change you better, Treat that woman better. Flex her in social media, that makes her feel more special. Shared some random post about her, that makes her feel reassured. Be open to your problems to her, that makes her more comfortable to you. Open doors for her at the convenience store, that makes her heart flutter. Hold her hand in the public, that makes her feel that you are proud of her. Kiss her in forehead and tap her head whenever you see her, that makes her feel that she’s your world. Minimize reacting and liking other girls picture, that makes her envious. Introduce her to your friend especially to those Girl friends of yours, that makes her feel less jealous. Say “iloveyou” to her in every minute, that makes her feel that she’s loved. Take her to church and introduce her to Jesus, that makes her found a thousand reasons to love you more.
Those are just a few things that makes your future woman feels that you are really inlove with her. Don’t take her feelings granted just like you does when we are in a relationship.
This is your woman, that you once loved before. I’m the girl who’s willing to give all things and all of her heart to you but you wasted me just for shallow reasons.

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