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True happiness comes from accepting life from what it is not what you expected it to be. The journey that determines your self-defense is the journey of self-discovery. Time is everything. There is no right time. It is only misopportunity. It’s time for reawakening. Coz the journey of inaction waiting for the right time is still an action of waiting for no results. Take intuition for yourself to do more. Be more. And follow your inner guidance. The foundation of your journey is develop thru self-esteem and you need to make it stronger cause whatever you build can be crumbled if it’s weak. The more you believe that you have that knowledge and skills, the more you can do and choose what you want because you’ve done it already. Your self-esteem is something that tells true about yourself and you need to develop that level of self-confidence. Everyone has a value in life and that’s what we called dictator’s destiny. So, if you know your value then develop it. Your life is not determined by the people whom they want you to be rather it’s you who you want to be and what you are to be. Achieving your journey, your goals or your career in life is nothing about happy thoughts and easy steps that’s why you need to be calm and silent as you keep going. You may be get tired of it, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop. All you have to do is to get some rest and figure it out. You’ll need to stop when you’re done not when you’re tired. Because in the journey, you need to find a home where you feel safe and secured. Finding a home of success is you need to stay focus in your direction. Follow your own compass. You may be taken it slowly in motion to win or you run the race to win. The choices are yours. You need to find a home, either it is from your family, your community, your friends or whatever it is. Determine your reference group cause that is your springboard that will lead you to your home of success to win. And, you have to know what you’re are winning for cause we have different level of winning such as wealth, career, dreams, goals and more. These involve decision-making of your own where you belong because your motivation and aspiration comes from it. Rebuild your energy and forces for you to go back to the world, continue your journey and follow your intuition.

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