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15 years ago,
You were my best friend.
You said you loved me, and I loved you back.
Will you be more than just my friend?” you asked. I said yes.

A year ago,
Our dreams were within sight.
We were getting married.
You got permission from my dad.
We were happy.
You said, “I can’t wait to marry my best friend.”

Two months ago,
I saw a new girl’s name flash across your screen.
I asked you who she was.
You said, “Don’t worry, she’s just a friend.

We broke up.
You said you were not sure you’d marry me.
I asked you if it was because of her.
You said, “No. She’s just a friend.”

Two weeks later,
Rumors started to spread.
I confronted you and demanded the truth.
You insisted, “She’s just a friend.”

Three months later,
Pictures of you two together emerged.
You even had on couple shoes,
But you still denied the truth.
Until one day a common friend of ours
Probably thought it would be best
To give it to me straight despite the pain
So my heart could finally get some answers and some rest.
He said, “I’m sorry. He has been cheating on you for quite some time.
It’s true.
She is indeed more than just his friend.”

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