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In this world, pag sinabi mo yung paraan ng gusto mong pag mamahal, babansagan ka ng “Too needy” “Taas ng standards mo te!” “Ganda ka ba?” and I’m so tired of changing or lowering my standards para sa mga taong lalagyan lang ako ng label.

We are called crazy for asking the kind of love we deserveĀ 

Ang simple lang naman, wala namang humingi ng house and lot at 1 billion sa inyo. Ano ba naman yung, effort, time, attention and genuine love.

Hindi yung kami nga nasa harap niyo pero yung mata niyo sa iba naka pako.

Possessive? Clingy? Too needy? NO

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I think and I believe that it’s VERY disrespectful to STARE at other girls ng harap harapan if you’re with your partner. If you can’t control it, then please pa simple naman tayo, kuya. Would you feel okay when you see your girl staring at someone else?

What I’m trying to say here is that I know its your nature to look and stare, but I hope you guys learn to control, cos it sometimes causes insecurity. *Insert Liza Soberano – Pangit ba’ko? Kapalit palit ba’ko? Then why?*

I will always remember the wedding vow of Bianca Gonzalez, ang sabi ni girl..

“I knew you were the one for me when I felt your love. You loved me in a way I have always wanted to be loved.”

So guys, it’s possible! Always go for the love that you think you deserve.

Always remember that material things will never fulfill your heart, so wag tayo materialistic, wag pumatol dahil may kotse or dahil stable.

Always have the purest intention when loving someone, and never do something that will hurt your partner, respect their feelings and sentiments even if it sounds too petty or crazy, we are not entitled to belittle their feelings or emotions.




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