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I understand how frustrating and regretting it could be, to reap the consequences of your unwise decisions and actions based on emotion.

Developing a healthy relationship has something to do with values, perspectives, and purpose of being in a relationship. Not on feelings, longings, and superficial gestures or efforts just to experience kilig and romantic moments.

Some individuals are good enough when it comes to being a romantic partner, yet are unwilling and incapable when it comes to marriage and parenting commitment.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Due to factors like their values, drives, fear of responsibility or accountability, the want of freedom, etc.

It always takes open and honest communication.

As we mature, the deeper we understand that entering a relationship is not just about you and the romantic feelings, the kilig ang happy moments—yes, they are good ingredients in a relationship.

The goal is beyond the “in a relationship” label.

It’s about, how you want to or will take care of the family you want to have together with your partner throughout the marriage and parenting stages.

And never neglect that the journey along the way is not always happy and comfortable—it takes selflessness and sacrifices.

It’s not bad to anticipate even the worst-case scenarios. Facing difficult challenges, dealing with conflicts and misunderstandings, and so on.

Know the person you want to create your future with, hindi lang puro kilig.

The healthiness, growth, and fulfillment of a relationship can be determined by your values and purpose for being in a relationship—there’s clarity in the direction.

It doesn’t take long to be in the process, as long as you are to be with the right person.

There’s no perfect partner and relationship. And, I believe we strive to have a fulfilling relationship.

Praying for your thriving and fulfilling relationship!

Rooting you,


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