I am not usually affected by someone, until you came along. I was uncertain of what I felt that day. But you make things feel so certain. I thought it would last, but I guess you would also be a part of my past. Through all of the waiting and guessing, you made me feel like you were the answer. I couldn’t resist your charm, and that’s when I knew that I was on the wrong track. However, I continued to love you anyway. And guess what, it was all my mistake. In the end of our story, you didn’t stay. You chose to walk away and leave without anything to say. It was not the love story that I used to expect, but you gave me tragedy instead. But the best part is, I still thank you.

Thank you for the heartbreak. You won’t anticipate me to be grateful towards you, but I want you to know that I am still thankful that we didn’t end up with each other. Because if you stayed, I would never know my true self. If you stayed, I would have never reached where I am now. If you stayed, maybe I am still having wrong dreams. So, thank you for leaving. The pain you’ve caused me lasted for a moment, but the result of it made me a stronger person that I am now. That is why I believe that you came to my life for a purpose. And you also left so I could be whole again.

Whatever the past is, I won’t regret anything. You were a part of me and I won’t deny it. You made me gauge my capacity to love and it showed me that I could love without limits. But then, now I know that not everyone is deserving to have it. You were not deserving, but I gave it anyway. But again, I have no regrets because it made me know myself. Accepting the fact that you and I were not meant for each other made the process easier. So now I face tomorrow with a new hope. Hoping that what I felt from you will never repeat itself. Hoping that what once was just a dream would soon turn into reality. Hoping that the next person that would have my heart would take it for a lifetime.