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 A message to my grandmother

She is that self-centered and self-righteous kind of person. She is too focused on her own benefits and welfare. In times of troubles, she doesn’t really shows compassion specially to most of those whom she thinks has given her less care and attention. She’s too “mataray” , so to speak and can be really intimidating at first glance. But trust me, she’s the most precious person I’d ever meet. She’s my angel , my happiness, my life and my home. When she’s around,I feel so meeee. Like, I don’t need to pretend to be someone else just for her to appreciate or see my worth. Most of them sees her as someone whos really hard to deal with or figure out.


But whenever I stared at her

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:


I can tell…


She only wants nothing but the attention and love of the people who surrounds her.


It sounds so egocentric and pathetic but when you go deep to it. You’ll realize that everyone one of us will actually come to that point in life. And that everyone of us has actually that fear of being alone and outcast. And so I want her to not feel alone and be scared by the thought of “everyone leaving her…” I want to fill her with love and and care.

All those flaws doesn’t lessen the unconditional love that I had for her. And maybe thats the reason why I think having “unconditional love” is the best love of all as it is not fleeting but everlasting, it does not judge nor resent but accept and embrace.

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