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Look at the stars above, look how they shine for you.
Look at the stars, look how they make you feel blue.
As I look at them above, my mind thinks of you.
Wondering, are you looking at the same star too?

Day and Night. Night and day.
It’s evening here. It’s morning there.
I wake up in the morning yet you are sleeping.
I say Good Morning but yours is Good Evening.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Days passed and it’s still the same.
Waiting for replies even it’s uncertain.
Looking at the time and checking the phone from time to time.
Didn’t realize the question, WHO AM I?

I once again stare at the sky.
Wondering the things and what you’re doing.
Can’t even demand a single minute of your time,
For I know that this is just a sort of your past time.

‘Till it stuck into my mind,
Though you are too far away and living in another time,
Though you are on the other side of the world,
Yet, we are still under the same sky,
Looking at the stars at different times.

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