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I didn’t even wish to have this feeling

Thinking of you is so tiring

I know you are cute, kind, and talented

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

But can’t your memories stop flashing in my head?


When I see you, I can’t blink

My mind is so playful; I do not want to think

If only I can put this feeling into slumber

Then whenever I see you, I won’t remember


I hope to put a boundary in my mind

Something that’s able to stop this I can’t find

How can two opposite flavors be mixed?

For how my brain works, I really wanted to be fixed


For this plant inside of me

I wanted to be pulled out immediately

Before it grows into a tree

Which is I don’t want to be

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Spychologist discovered her interest in creating poems at the age of 11. Her fascination in using rhyming patterns to express feelings is what inspired her to keep writing. It is her desire that her works be a safe space for readers to just feel their feelings.