Sparks appear from your eyes

Just when you say you love me

I don’t know why this has to happen

That we would fall in love so deeply

Never in my wildest imagination

That I will be so into you

But I guess that’s how love moves mysteriously

I wouldn’t understand what you did to me

You just smiled and then my world revolves differently

Please, tell me you’ll wait

Until our love grows

Until we get mature

Until we are ready

Until the time is right

I promise I will wait

I’ll patiently pray and wait

I wanted to hold you close to me

But I can just keep you in my heart

I wanted to hold your hands

But I can just look at you and say Hi

I wanted to be with you forever

But I guess forever won’t start today

I want you, even when you seems so far away

I promise I’ll wait

As you also wait

In this journey

We’ll pray

Until forever starts

Until the time is right