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Dream Girl

I’ve never settled to be a guy who’ll wait for a girl whose in a relationship right now. But for you. I kept waiting. I knew I loved you from the day that we chatted. The days were together. The day that you even get my phone to take a photo. I even used that one as my wallpaper. I know. You are in a relationship right now. But I promise. I will make things right. I’ll wait for you till the day you’ll say a big yes and to the day with bowed head stating you can’t love me for you’re still together. I knew you feel how much pain I experienced every time I see you with him. Its like making me a fragile glass broken into small pieces that cannot be fixed anymore. I know I don’t have to feel this. Since I’m just a friend. Or to be exact. I’m just a no one. But baby. I’ll still wait for you even in the most painful way. To the guy you loved? I hope you’ll take care of my dream girl as she’s my most beautiful nightmare and in case you tricked her feelings? I’ll let you feel what will be the worst nightmare feels like.

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