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Unexpectedly, I met you
In the midst of somewhere I saw you
I thought I was in a fairy tale
The way you look at me, feels love is in the air

I am under your potion
All I want is your attention
Whenever im with you, I am happy
It might be annoying, but I cant help to be clingy

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

The times we are together
Are the moments I always ponder
Our laughter, your kisses and hugs
In all my senses what i feel is your love

Things for us are going smoothly
Feels like a story, written for us perfectly
But one day in our journey, you act differently
Things seems to change, no reason, just suddenly..

I didn’t give up, and keep reaching out
But everytime I walk forward
You take the two steps backward
My emotions rise up but just choose to hide it
Even though it was hard.

So many words left unsaid between us
Unanswered questions and all the doubts
I’m curious if your willing to find out
Or you just don’t care to its whereabouts

I miss the way we used to be
I’m not sure if you feel the same way for me
It hurts to think, it all happen suddenly
No concrete reasons just abruptly

All I want is to make you happy
All I want is you come back to me
You just don’t know, how far I can go
‘Cause you just turn back and let me go

Now I’m wondering How are you?
For sure you’ve move on, and found someone new
Does she care for you like i use to?
Or Ever look at you the same way I do

Your thoughts still wet my eyes
But I learn to wipe it and be fine
I now have to walk in a new path
‘Cause I can only love you through our Backtrack…


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