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What if it is you? The missing piece of me that will finally complete the seemingly incomplete life I live, 
In this world where negativity seems to dwell in each and every heart that exists,
I found someone who will not only touch but stay in my heart’s dark abyss
If it is wrong to long for someone who I cannot own, then let the stars align and be in my favor

What if it is you? The one I will dream and aspire with for the rest of the days,
The link between the unanswered questions and countless replies I make,
The sweetness to every song, gentleness to every poem I write,
The answer to every quiet prayer a solitary soul ever uttered

What if it is you? The blissful moments of laughter, weird antics and crazy ideas, 
The most peaceful night sleep and the face I can wake up to every bright morning
The strong arms that will wrap around me during the coldest of days 
The majestic voice I know I will remember, cherish and dream of forever

What if it is you? The warmth I can never resist and certainly is the feeling I always look forward to
The sweetest kiss, the most tender caress I will endlessly desire
The vow that no matter how I try to forget, I still choose to hold on to, 
It will always linger in my memory and will take a lifetime before it fades like thunder

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