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Waiting for Boaz

Staring at this beautifully-lit sky makes me wonder if I’ll ever have the chance to share this magical moment with my God-given Boaz.

I am a hardcore romantic, but I only root for characters in novels & Asian dramas that I read and watch.

Quite frankly, I am freaked out by the thought of being someone else’s. Being single and introvert my whole life allowed me to marvel on the mundane things — I’ve learned to enjoy watching movies, eating out alone, and trying new things without anyone to think about.It seems so laborious to me to update that special someone about my whereabouts (unless it’s Dad, of course), much more my intake of meals. Those “kumain ka na ba, wag pagutom” , “saan ka na, wag magpapagabi” lines annoy me to the core. I’m not a pet Pokemon!

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

S-O-L-O is my comfort zone, and putting someone else in the mix will change the whole dynamics of my life. It’s truly challenging, and I know it’s so taxing to like/love a overly independent, introvert loner like me.

Is there someone patient enough to show me how it is possible to make the “us” work better than the usual “I”? Will he be understanding during my “katok” days?

But most of all, does He love God passionately and lives only for His glory and His renown? Will he be able to hold my hand and lead me closer to God?

The culture of the world might taunt me for waiting patiently for you.

Yes, I am not certain what the future holds, but like a dandelion in the wind, I leave everything to God with reckless abandon — wherever He leads me, I will follow.

We have yet to meet, but waiting for you has allowed me to grow stronger in the faith. In times of gnawing loneliness, your absence paved the way for me to yearn for true satisfaction, something of eternal significance.

…and that’s what I’ve found in the Lord Jesus. His love is so much greater than any kind of comfort this world can offer.

Only God knows what’s best for me, so I put my trust in His timing and His judgment. He is God Almighty and one thing’s for sure — His plans for me is perfect.

So, Boaz. If you chance upon this, remember that I am grateful for the life God has given us.

In case the blueprint says we’ll accomplish more for God together than apart, then by all means, welcome to my life.

May we lean in and focus on what God planned for our lives, and in the process, meet each other.

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