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Love is

. . . not a fairy tale that I used to dream when I was a kid filled with hopes and fantasies.

. . . not about “he is handsome” but about whether “he fears God.”

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

. . . not about the checklist but the perfect moment when God orchestrates everything for the both of you.

. . . the thought that he is responsible more than he is rich and by that, you can be assured that you can lean on him.

. . . for two people who are willing to die to themselves so they could sustain the relationship until death parts them away.

. . . not about feelings nor emotions but a commitment to fulfill.

. . . not about personal gratification but more on selfless acts toward the person you choose to spend your road to forever.

. . . about God’s perfect soul mate for you, not a random picking wherever your eyes lead you.

. . . needs cultivation and constant communication not willing to just leave behind what has been made and built along the way.

. . . respect and trust for the person you are willing to spend the rest of your life with.

. . . not guaranteed if God is not the story teller.

. . . aims the best for the other person not for yourself.

. . . willingness to hold each other’s hands no matter how strong the storms are.

. . . does not easily give up but always hanging on and holding onto each other.

. . . the reflection of God when He purchased us on the cross.

. . . that if we fail to follow God’s example, we won’t be able to experience and give true love.

Love holds the highest banner in our hearts. With love, we continuously live in a world of brokenness and chaos.

Love can make or break us.

Love can make us cry or laugh.

Love can hurt and give us pain and heartaches.

As we mature, we understand that “love” is not all about the ecstasy that we feel but comes with trials and heart aches.

But to experience being loved is worth it all.

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