We had the most beautiful memories we can share and talk to in the future. We had the same love we enjoyed and cherished. We had the perfect pair of imperfect personalities. We had everything we wanted to do, but what went wrong?

The moment I saw you, I know that you’ll have a special place in my heart. Your eyes directly speaks to my soul and your heart opens up with mine. You let me enter at your weakest and made me fall in love at your strongest. And you had me when I’m healing and your love completely healed my soul.

But, I know I wasn’t your priority. I wasn’t on the top list, nor on the second. I always demand for your time, and when you can’t, I always try to understand your reasons. But don’t get me wrong. I know that your love for me is real and sincere. I may not be your priority but I know you always think of me. I may always demand for your time but I know you’re trying your best to put me on your list.

I keep on understanding you since I know you needed it the most. You already had the worst situations in your life and I wanted to be the best thing that happened to you. But as I wanted to be the best thing for you, I am slowly becoming the worst part of me. As I try to make this imperfect relationship of ours to be the perfect relationship for the both of us, I am slowly being destroyed. And I get tired. I gave up.

Maybe, nothing went wrong. It’s just that we were not the best person to have each other. Maybe, we just met to be each others’ stop over, but we were not meant to meet at the same destination.