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It wasn’t mine and it wasn’t yours

I gave way for I was forced

I gave enough with so much care

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I will now move away, unless you dare


The word “Hello” seemed so sad

Tears came down, coz’ I missed you so bad

Droplets are filling up in between my eyes

But I try to hide it with my smiles


I heard you say that you love me

But sooner, it was her that makes you happy

You added that you want me to stay

But then, her presence is just along your way


My laughters are fading away, my heart is aching

You suddenly left me while the rain is still falling

I looked up, and the sky turned gray at four

How I wish, I won’t see you anymore


Bringing out the best from the outside and within

I need to focus now, in order for me to begin

The strongest are not always the victors

But the ones who believe in Him will surely soar


Sometimes, your heart is tricky after all

Full of emotions, careless actions, it’s vulnerable

So set the rules, and guard it with all your might

For God will give it to you when the time is right!

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