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Bakit nga ba?

When we wait, we don’t just allow the time to pass, we allow the Lord to teach us something.

Marami ang pumapalya sa season of waiting. Whether sa love, sa life, in anything. Because admit it or not, mahirap talaga mag-antay. Isnag oras nga lang sa EDSA di ba aburido ka na. But I tell you, IT IS WORTH IT.

Pero paano ba nagiging worth it?

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

  1. in the waiting season YOU GET TO KNOW YOURSELF. Nagkakaron ka ng me time, kung kaala mo eh kilala mo na ang sarili mo, well I tell you, there is so much more to discover. Enjoy yourself muna. Travel ka or practice your talents. Binigay ni Lord yung waiting season para bago ka makalabas jan, at least you know who you are.
  2. YOU LEARN HOW TO BE PATIENT. Napakaimportante na matutunan nating maging patient in all things na nagrerequire ng waiting, it does not only chance what was about to happen, pero iakw mismo nababago in the process.
  3.  YOU GET THE BEST WHEN YOU WAIT. Parang sa ubas, pag prineserve mas sumasarap. Ganun din more likely sa life natin, when we wait, we do ourselves a favor the makuha yung best at the end.
  4. OUR FAITH IS BEING TESTED. The common scenario is, in waiting, there is a testing of faith. Will you still trust in the Lord while you wait? Will you listen to Him? Will you obey Him? Sa season na pinag-aantay ka ni Lord, you are being pruned to be better. Kapag nalagpasan mo yan, marerealize mo na the Lord uses it to prune you, to develop or establish something in you.
  5. LEARNING TO TRUST GOD. again, mahirap mag-antay. But when you learn to anchor yourself, and turst on God while you wait, you know that your security are not in anyone’s hand but on the Lord’s hand. And it’s the best!
  6. GOD HAS HIS PLANS FOR YOU. Jeremiah 29:11. When you don’t see things clearly, when you can’t comprehend what’s on the scene and all you have to do is to wait, you get to learn that maybe the reason why God was telling you to wait is because He is teaching you not to worry anymore, He got great plans for you anyways, so bakit ka pa matatakot na magantay di ba?

You see, in love, in love, in work or sa kahit simpleng bagay, napaka-importante ng waiting process. It teaches us so many things, na makukuha lang natin if we went through the waiting season. Kaya don’t ever hesitate to enjoy the season of waiting, iba parin yung nag-aantay ka na may joy sa puso mo at willing ka talaga. If God tells you to wait, then obey, Father knows best for his children.

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