Work in Progress? No need to fret.


Blessings really do come in the most unexpected times. My first semester of college has been overwhelming to my system despite being used to huge loads of academic works since my junior high school days.

I don’t know what’s been draining me by that time, perhaps from the academic loads per se or the current setting, we students, are in at this time of pandemic. Apart from being physically and mentally tiring, it is also emotionally tiring, leaving me only with my spiritual aspect…thank God, there’s left to me.

I am in the verge of being depressed…you can say I am anxious as well (is that possible? Aren’t they in the different spectrum?). But anyway, there was this professor who I found to be the most interesting in the set of the professors I have in the on-going semester.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

There was a time he asked the class, “Do you think you are still a work in progress?” Of course we all said yes as we are still in our undergraduate program. And then he asked another question, “When do you think you are going to be a work finished?” And that’s when the class have different answers from one another. One said they are a work finished when they finish the course we are taking while the other stated when they are completely successful, they are going to be a work done.

With those information, I can say they are not wrong, who am I in the first place to impose my views, right? But as I ponder what will I say if ever I was called, a music video popped up to my memory, and I remember the quote saying, “A dancer dies twice. Once is when he stopped dancing.”

I have come to realize my answer will revolve around that idea and therefore giving birth to my words of “What scares me the most is being a work done, not being a work in progress.”

Being a work in progress is a clear depiction that you are working yourself in opening doors and creating rooms for improvements to your system and thus creating the better…or even the best version of you. That can range from taking care of your skin, your mental health, having character development, a better well-being relative you to up to building a more harmonious relationships not only with humans but also with the other ones we co-exist with.

And with that, it can be said one will only be a work done…when one dies and is not capable of opening improvements for oneself.

Never be ashamed of being a work in progress, that only means you are still in your journey of creating the better you and bringing out the best the world can offer.

We’ll talk more about that professor in the following posts.

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