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2020 has left us all confused, scared, and anxious; when the COVID-19 pandemic happened, it’s like our lives have been abruptly put to a halt, and our bubbles have been popped. Many people lost their jobs, COVID-19 patients are fighting for their lives; businesses are closing, tragedies and accidents occur.

It’s like the world has gone dark, and we watch helplessly from our windows. And for the rest of us, who are trying to survive since the quarantine happened, coping up and trying to see the silver lining—hoping and praying for better days to come.

Everyone is struggling right now. There’s a surmountable pressure on breadwinners like us to provide food on our families’ tables and necessities. We do our best to help others in need and maintain our sanity until it gets stable. But no one realizes how it’s also taking a toll on us.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

There are nights you will cry yourself to sleep out of exhaustion, or feel loneliness creeping from your bones when you wish you can rest for a day or two, but you can’t afford to because there are people who depend on you.

You will feel tired,
You will feel angry,
You will feel unloved and unworthy.

In the middle of the hustle, know that you are not alone. Know that it is valid to feel that way but remember the truth that God loves you. Yes, you are the breadwinner, you have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders and know that Jesus is the greatest provider.

Whenever you feel tired, run to him.
Whenever you feel angry, talk to him.
Whenever you feel unloved and unworthy, talk to your friends and family.

Your efforts will never go to waste, and God will sustain you and keep you.
Yes, you may want to run away and hide,
Rest for a while and think about yourself for once but
God sees your tears and hears your prayers.

We will all make it til the end of this chaotic pandemic,
God has a plan for us, and all you have to do is stay still.
Don’t give up, and just keep on believing.

Through our highs and lows
He is always there
Through our abundance and scarcity
He is always there
Through our joys and sorrows
He is always there
We cannot do everything on our own. we need HIM

If you’re a student struggling in your online classes, just keep on studying.
If you’re a parent struggling to keep it all together, just keep on praying.
If you’re a patient struggling with your illness, just keep on fighting.
If you’re struggling to find a job, just keep on applying.
If you’re tired and exhausted, just keep on resting.

The Lord will fight for you.
Trust him and let go of things you can’t control.
Hope that we will all have a bright future ahead of us.
Where this 2020 pandemic shall end

A prayer for all of us:

Lord, thank you for your faithfulness.
For the provision and strength,
May we continue to be salt and light to the earth despite the darkness,
Thank you for your blessings,
And I pray for those who are hurting and in need,
Keep them safe and pour your mercy and love on your children.
Help us in our unbelief,
Keep us on the right path as the days go dark,
Remind us of the love and the essence of the cross 2,000 years ago
And to hold onto your promises wherever we go.

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