Everything in me are just ordinary and simple things. The only special to me is the grace of God and God Himself. I was walking in the right path that He led me to and living a peaceful life not until you came into my world. I was caught by your love and promises. Your words are like a smell of sweet perfume that makes my heart melt but in just a moment, it vanished in the air. You made me believed that I can find the right person in the wrong time and it is possible to make it until the end. But I was wrong. You cheated on me. You broke my heart into pieces. You entered into my peaceful life and now you are leaving while watching my world collapsing. You made me feel that I am not worth fighting for, that I am not beautiful compare to other women, and I am not worth the love.

And yes, I AM NOT. I am not what you made me feel. It was not my lost rather it is one of my biggest blessing. You taught me that love must be perfect just as my Father in heaven, with the right person at the right time. God allowed me to see His all-sufficiency and there is nothing more in Him. Lastly, you helped me to set my standards again based on what the Word said to me and wait for His right timing and the right person that He preserved for me. I don’t deserved your love because I deserve someone else. Thank you, my beautiful disaster.