I believe our life together is like a carousel.

It keeps spinning yet it won’t finish.

No matter what happens, no matter how long, or no matter how it hurts, I will always come back to you and you will always come back to me.

Recently, my life with you has been a ferris wheel ride. It’s exciting, it’s surprising. You don’t know when it’ll go up or when it’ll go down, when it’ll slow down, or when it’ll speed up. You’ll think that everything is fine, but it’s not. You don’t know whether to scream, to laugh, to cry, or just vomit because of different emotions, its’ unpredictable twists and turns it brings.

As for me, I’m willing to be in a roller coaster ride with you. If I’d use my heart, I want to run away with you and take you to a far away place, away from everyone else. Please keep me in your heart as I keep you always in mine.