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“Nasa punto na ako ng buhay ko na kung sino maglike nito jo-jowain ko.”


Ok, I get it minsan nakakainip talaga may mga point sa buhay mo na parang luh pangit ba ko? Bakit si ate ganto ganyan pero may jowa? Yung mga classmate ko nung high school nagbubuntisan na tapos ako? May mga ganyan tayong mantra BUT all of these are just WORLDLY. You don’t have to compare yourself to other people because what you are now is the same person God loves before you were even born and the same you that God will love forevermore. Some might think “pasko nanaman ngunit wala ka pa” or “all I want for Christmas is you” like seriously? Christmas is about JESUS it’s not about you, it’s not about him, it’s about Him! Who surrender His life for you and me. THAT LOVE IS MORE THAN ANY LOVE THIS WORLD COULD OFFER. And I’m telling you that love is overwhelming, nakakakilig na minsan hindi mo maexpress kasi GRABE EH.

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You know what, you don’t have to gain your value from other people because in the very beginning you are created by God. Your value MUST be from God because this world is subjective.

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