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As the rain falls down heavy, with every cold drop that touches the warmness of your skin feels like any other night to endure. You feel your hand pressing against your chest, breathing heavily, every heartbeat feels like an earthquake and can be heard with the same likeness of a thunder that stretches miles away.

Remind yourself that there’s a day that will soon come up. A sun that will light up your face and melt every chill you felt that night. A smile you can always wear would be a great thing to leave those despair and discomfort behind and bring only the lessons as you start another journey.

You’re not just a person who struggles, but a person that stands firm against those challenges and has the confidence radiating from Him. You are not made of mistakes, but you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Every piece of you is significant and valuable. Opinions of others can never change the fact that you are truly beautiful and wonderful.

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