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You might be down, tired, sick, heavily burdened, worried, overwhelmed and destructed but He will lift you up when there’s no one to bring you on the mountain top. He will give you rest when you can’t give it to yourself. He will heal your sick heart and He will never tear it apart. He will make a way to the road that seems to be rough and He will quiet the wind that seems to carry you away. 

The situations that are out of control, the things that are making you fall, the circumstances that you feel you can’t bear anymore– you don’t need to understand it all- but let your knees fall to the ground to pray and surrender everything that is breaking your soul.

Pray that He would remind you of how He already overcame adversaries for you.

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Pray that He would lead you back to the way when you feel like your losing track of where you supposed to be going and what you supposed to be doing.

Pray that He would hold you in times that you feel like not wanting to hold anymore.

Pray that He would restore the heart that has been broken by a man that was never meant for you.

Pray that He would remind you of how beautiful you are because you used to listen on those people whom you call friends but let you hanging in the end.

Pray that He’ll make all things new.

You are overwhelmed with many circumstances but He will surprise you with what He can do on your brokenness and He will give you back the happiness.

You can rest but you can never stop and surrender.

You can never quit because you are almost there.

You can never ran away because the journey is only a meter walk to the end. 

You can never go because in His presence you could stay.

It will be all worth the wait, worth the pain, worth the tears and worth the suffering. Just hold on tight. Hold tight until you win whatever fight. 

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