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To you who’s broken and weary, maybe you have always struggled with your emotions. You tried so hard to fight it. You even cried for countless times. You were so desperate to find your way out; and yet, you always find yourself struggling again. Maybe someone treated you unfairly. Maybe that person made you believe that everything will be fine as long as you are together. Maybe that person gave you confidence. Too much confidence to forget your own worth. Too much confidence that made you rely on that person for so long. You were so lax that you’re doing well. But there came a time when you found out that you are not that person’s priority. You always find it hard to have his full attention. You always ask yourself if it’s still worth it. But in the end, it left you alone and hanging. It’s like you are always in the edge of a cliff and never sure if that person would be able to catch you or let you fall.

It’s hard to force yourself into someone’s life. You will always find yourself hurt and in despair. You will always try so hard, until it comes to a point that your whole being is wasted away. You will always be the one who puts in so much effort, while that person never seems to care like you do. It’s hard to deal with someone who’s not the same page as you. But hey, let me remind you of this. You are worth so much more than being someone’s option. You are not meant to be someone’s fallback if it doesn’t work with someone else. You deserve to be the most important person  in someone’s life, and that is the most precious feeling in the world. So, don’t force it. Let go and be free.

You deserve to be someone’s priority, not just an option. If you always feel the pain and struggle, it only means that you are not receiving the right treatment. You are worth so much more. You don’t deserve the sleepless nights thinking about why he made you feel that way. You don’t deserve to always wait for him, even if much of your time was already thrown away. You don’t deserve to be someone’s past time to cure boredom. You are a precious person that is meant to be loved with someone’s entire being. You deserve to be the one that someone has always prayed for. Your heart is deserved by someone who would never make you feel insecure and alone. You deserve all the love that you have always dreamed of. So, please be more careful now. Because one day, your heart will be someone’s answered prayer.

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