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We can’t please people , and we don’t live to please people but instead please God.You were not made to fit in. Not all people will like you just the way you are, but you don’t have to change your self just be who you are.  Hindi naman kasi natin hawak ang isip ng tao, they have mood swing sometimes they like you and in other day they hate you, and you have to accepted that not everyone will like you. Minsan sa trabaho para lang makasabay ka kahit short kana sa budget para lang magustuhan ka nila sumasama ka kahit your not invited and you treat them for a food or drinks but after that the same feeling towards you is still the same, walang nag bago para sakanila your still the looser.

Take that pressure off yourself, the world may judge you by what they see and hear, but if you please God and find your worth with Him, you will be happy at hindi muna kailangan mag pasikat sakaniya para lang maging bida ka,  kasi God will accept you just the way you are. You don’t have to fit in . because you are the princess of God you have a royal call on your life . you were the crown of everlasting life, so please God not people.

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