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I had screwed up my life looking for a soul to complete me. I was longing for someone I haven’t met before. I am incomplete and a mess. I wasn’t whole. I know that I don’t need another human being to make me feel complete, but knowing that you have someone who will kiss your scars and wipe your pain away is the most amazing thing in this world. Someone who doesn’t see you as a mess, but someone who looks at you and says that you’re the most beautiful disaster.

After all the years looking for that someone, I am happy to tell you that I finally found Him… Oh, no. He found me. He found me when I was confused and hurting. He found me in the middle of the chaos. I know I always lack, but He always provides. He always fill the emptiness inside of me. I haven’t realized it before but looking back at my life, I know that I’ve grown so much. I’ve learned a lot. I am not perfect, but what’s the point of perfection if Jesus loves me for who I am and who I used to be.

Unconditionally & forever loved, Jireh.

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