The Night The Moon Fell


I was looking for the moon at the roof deck of our dormitory but unfortunately, no moon appeared. So, with a heavy heart, I sighed. “Is it already new moon?” I asked him. “But it was full moon four nights ago,” I continued. He was looking at the sky too. I guessed he was thinking what to respond. His silence was new to me.

Then we went down and walked a few blocks away from the dormitory. “There’s the moon!” I cried. My eyes were happy, but my heart was happier. Oh, what a beautiful sight!

“I guess I am the sun, and you are the moon,” he softly said, almost whispering, while looking at the moon. The happy smile which formed on my lips turned into a bitter one. I tried to shrug off all the negative emotions that were trying to envelope me at that moment.

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“Yes,” I whispered to myself as we continued walking. “You are the sun, and I am the moon. And the worst part of this is the fact that we cannot be together. For I might destroy you with my coldness and I’ll be burnt by your fire.”

Looking at you as we walked by the streets in the city, I realized how much I missed you. I really do. You stopped walking and I found myself in front of our dormitory again. You bid farewell and told me to go inside but I insisted to watch you leave. It took us minutes to compromise. And at the count of three, we turned our backs at each other just like we did two months ago. I sat at the waiting area in lobby near the main entrance and watched the long line of people waiting for the elevator. A minute had passed… And then two. I was thinking twice if I am going to run after him or just let this moment passed. Then I said to myself that I do not want to have regrets anymore. So, I went out and looked for him. Luckily, he was walking slowly. I run as fast as I could to reach him. He was near the bank at the corner of the street. I called his attention and hugged him as I reached him. I hugged him with heavy breaths due to the sprint that I did. He was shocked but hugged me tightly in return. “Thank you,” he said. I asked him what for, but he did not reply. He was looking at me intently, so I smiled and felt how happy my heart was for that moment. If that was the last night that we will be together, then I will gladly treasure it for the rest of my life.

I am the moon, and he is my sun. We bring light at different times of the day. And though we cannot be together for some reasons, I am happy that he let me borrow his light for me to shine somehow.

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