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Depression – my long time illness. I’ve been suffering with this so-called depression for the longest time I could remember. Self-diagnosed. Burnt-out. Frustrated of how life goes on and on and on.  It makes me wonder why life keeps bugging me out of the society. Each time, I feel different. Different from what they see me. Different from others. Even I don’t know who I really am. There are times wherein I feel so delighted to have someone to share my life with, and there are those times that they feel so burdened of me for sharing my stories of my life.


To start with, I am depressed. Different. Incomplete. Lost. I tried a lot of stuff to entertain me like learning how to play the guitar, magic tricks, solve a rubiks cube, drink liquor, play computer games, etc to keep me off from thinking about my worries. One day, I saw this girl with the purest smiles. At first glance, I got strucked like a lightning bolt. Got butterflies in my stomach. Managed to talk with her. Told her I like her. Shared stories. Gave my attention to her.

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And then I woke up.

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