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kumusta, naalala mo pa ba sya?

She’s barely breathing while weeping and feeling out the pain
the sound of shattered heart makes her mind insane
eagerly want to rip apart the brain
just to make the over thoughts unchain,
or the absence of words and just laughs insanely when the emptiness gradually devour her.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

That’s what always she has been going through once she start thinking of you.

and i get it you’re done, that’s why
maybe the busy street helps you distracted
maybe the new routine helps you focused
maybe new faces excite your new life
everything new help you to never look back,

heartbreak make us the greatest pretender we can ever be, that’s why you’ll never realize the damage you have given
she lost her artisticness means she lost everything,
without her art you will never feel loved in most euphoric way
without her art you will never shun dauntlessly
sometimes it is not just the feelings given to someone, it’s also about your ex uniqueness that were sensitively shared.

the sad thing is even we want to vanquish it all on our own we can’t,
may you turn you imaginary apology into miraculous. There’s no end point
from stoping you to purify someone’s Insanity and polluted heart don’t let yourself be an unheard story to tell
let’s make a peaceful epilogue even if we didn’t last to someone’s life

past is not yet the past as long she never think of you’re name without feeling any hatred

i hope one day we find and allow ourselves to have the courage to approach and apologize one more time, but this time i hope you’re holding the purest & sincere apology that they deserve.
same as the courage we gave when we left someone confuse and incomplete may you let them know that you’re truly sorry,
it is not always about you who’s been hurted sometime it’s about you, who hurt someone.
-keep on not believing in karma until you have it.



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