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Someday, you’ll cross paths with him.
He will be your prince charming in the most romantic fairy tale book you’ve ever published in your imagination. He will be your swain who’ll spend joules of his energy just to make you smile for the entire day. He will be your sweet and spicy noodles that will make your cheeks redden and your peaches-and-cream complexion glow. He will be your cutest teddy bear who will use his wittiest ideas and jokes to make you sing laughter. He will be your warmest sweater who will coat your quivering flesh whenever it’s cold and niveous. He will be a vast valley where you can pour the weighty tears hazing your chestnut globes of sight. He will be your complementary wing that will help you fly and soar high to the peak of your dream’s mountain. He will send you to a church from the moment he’ll give you an infinity ring until the day he’ll bestow flowers on your coffin. He will utter his vows, and he will never break his truthful promises. He will love you forever, and he will never fail to buy you roses.
Losing you in his life will be the scariest horror movie he will never want to watch. Seeing your lips distort in pain will be the ugliest scenery he will never going to view. Counting your every teardrop of sorrow will be the most difficult computation he’ll never do in the scope of Mathematics.
He will be your teenage crush. He will be your best friend. He will be your romantic suitor. He will be your sweetheart. He will be your fiancé. He will be the groom you’ll see waiting for you at the altar. He will be your committed husband who’ll brew coffee for you every morning. He will be your man. He’s the one God has destined for you.
Someday, you’ll cross paths with him.


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