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Putting a space between us became a desperation for both of us.
Not because were eager to get rid of each other
But to confirm those feelings that linger
There is a small string between love and friendship
But telling you my thoughts might end our friendship
If saying those words to you means cutting the strings
I might settle for what its been from the beggining
Yes the fun is always there everytime were near
But are we really certain when people say are we just really friends?
We smile,we nod and then we deny
Acting like we dont mean that much nothing to clarify
Keeping the limits up afraid to be rectify
Trying to be tough even if it is a lie
People around us keep cheering for both of us
Hoping and doubting the real score between us
We make a cute couple but to me it sounds like ….

I dont have the guts to end what I started not because I ran out of words to say but Im afraid to end it painfully…scratch it Im terrified of the future I forsee…

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