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Living in society with modern innovations and technological advancements ; things are more varied, diverse and complicated. On that note, people are tend to make lots of decisions with millions of outcome. And often times, simple things are not even more basic. With due respect let us remind you, ” The 10 things that should be remain basic despite on whatever side of society you are living.

1. Things are more extravagant in this modern era especially when it comes to technology. If in case that you are not the type of techy braniac, then you must be keen and cautious with your personal life and social life. It is basic that not all your info can be share on the web. Special moments with love one’s should be remain private. Girls talk in restaurants is not an exception.

2. Our life is uncertain. It should be basic that you must prioritize your well being. Make your precious life insured. Start investing for your “LIFE INSURANCE”.

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3. In case that you didn’t know, it is a new basic thing that you should have at-least 3-4 email accounts. 1 for personal emails, 1 for work emails, 1 email for subscriptions, webinars, registrations or online shopping, and the 4th is the most secret email which only contains your bank account details and other liabilities.

4. It is a basic thing to acknowledge that sex is not a basic thing. Not because sex is usual and widely normal in most countries, it doesn’t mean it’s a basic thing for all. Coz’ having STD is totally not a basic thing.

5. If you are thinking to invest on something, it is common to had it failed for the first time, well your lucky enough if you succeed, hence to start small or to be broke after, is again, a basic and common outcome. Earning and loosing is part of the business.

6. It also a basic thing that you should only invest in business that you are familiar with. One basic rule in investing : “Learn the skills first, especially if it is high risk investment”. This rule is highly recommended for first time investors.

7. People are all insecure in different ways. And that is certain. The only uncertain is the outcome. It is just a matter of perspective and interpretation to handle insecurities. And also “self- love ” is not an expression of your ego. Anything beyond what’s needed is poison.

8. Every individual has their own stand, color, features and opinions, well that is basic; what was not is being judgmental in any kind of inhumane act of discriminations. Even it was not your total intentions or it is just part of your sarcasm, please don’t. We must remember that diversion with any particular aspects are delicate issues.

9. You should learn the basic of love. Remember when one great love fails, it was just only meant to be your great love, not love ever-after.

10. All romantic relationship or any kind of relationship should have a LABEL. Learn the basic. All things has its own label, so as you.


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