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Are we in a dark place again?

Can’t see a single ray of light

Nothing shiny, pretty or bright

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Just a space full of confusion

Unable to read the room, the real situation

The push and pulls that we encounter

Feels more like a struggle, far from any banter

It gets bad before better

There will be rainstorms but not forever

Then I saw you, I met you, I spoke to you

Here I am, I think I’m lost trying to understand you

Unaware of what to do

I keep reading too much into you

Every word that you say

Even the smirks, smiles and glances you throw my way

I’m lost when I see you walk into the room

Can I just keep looking at you?

I swear I can do it all afternoon

In crowded spaces I look only for you

Then I realize it’s just all in my head

Wishing that you want to wakeup with me next to you in bed

Just you beside me

The moment I open my eyes your face I’d see

But it’s still all in my head

All just fascinations I dream about

Thinking that it’s me and you in the end, without a doubt

Why are there dreams like this if in the end it only destroys us?

Why hope when our heart and mind we can’t even trust?

Just for a moment I desire for rest

Rest from all the crying, from the feeling of dying

Just for a second I crave for peace like my life depended on it

Like nothing else could distract me, like my life wasn’t full of bullshit

Just for a certain amount of time I want my mind to stop and then everything goes black.

I guess this dark place isn’t so bad

I can be all dark and twisty and still desire to hold your hand

I shouldn’t be scared of a place I’m constantly in

This dark place is my solace it’s where I end and also where I begin

It’s where I will be able to rest and maybe understand what I really feel

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