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“You know when you’re in-love when holding her hands feels as good as holding her boobs”.  

To my greatest love,

Even we are together now, I am still unsure about our future.

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Even I say “I love you”, I am still in fear.

Even I missed you today, I am still not sure if you are the right person for me.

There is always fear that maybe, I made a wrong decision, that somehow It will keep me regretting all my life.

Therefore, I hope that it’s not too late for me to realized that loving someone is not all about finding romantic love or happiness. Perhaps, its about your inner self. How you always choose the same person over and over again despite all odds. Now, I learned, that there’s no perfect person nor right person for you. God, will eventually will make a way to bring people into your life, and with the right wisdom and faith, you will know somehow the exact answer to your question.

And now, Thank you for your greatest love that awakens my inner self.

Thank you for choosing me even we live on this imperfect world.

Thank you for pursuing me. Thank you for holding my hand and not letting me face my battles alone.

Thank you for helping me to realized what real genuine love is all about.

Thank you for making me feel valuable and precious.

Thank you for giving me the love more than I deserved.

Thank you for always choosing me over and over again even you are in pain.

Thank you for staying patiently waiting despite of me not willing to prioritise you yet.

Thank you for the sacrifices that you willing to overcome with me.

Thank you for being the right person for me even we are both imperfect individuals.

When did you know she was the one for you? When you missed the final game just to be with her, and regrets is not regrets anymore” – GOOD WILL HUNTING ( Robbie Williams)


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