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What is marupok?

Galaxyofunspokenwords’ definition of marupok: adj. Filipino term for being soft-hearted; you are most likely marupok if you fall for someone too fast and too hard. Just a simple “hi” would make your legs weak; a simple “i miss you” would make you crumble.

You would do anything just for someone even if that someone does not ask for it (yet). You would go the extra mile for that person. You would instantly reply to his/her text (even if he/she doesn’t respond to yours right away). You would constantly see the good in him/her and ignore the bad because for you, the good matters the most. You would easily forgive even without “sorry” being said. You would still long for that person even if you’ve been hurt due to unrequited feelings.

Some would take it as a vulnerability because when you are marupok, people could use it as a weapon to hurt you, use you, or take you for granted… simply because you are “easy”.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

To all marupoks out there (like me), do you just ever wish you could stop yourself from being marupok? To stop giving in to your emotions? To stop your heart from beating so crazily when he/she is around? To stop overthinking about him/her? To stop imagining sweet scenarios with him/her? Just how does one stop from being so?

How not to be marupok?

I think we all have our weak side when it comes to a certain person. We just have the choice to control it or it might control us.

Once you get hit by love, it’s hard to stand your ground. It’s hard not to be marupok. It’s hard to build back your barrier especially once it shattered. I guess just let yourself be marupok and deal with the consequences. What matters is that after you fell and got broken, you pick yourself up, mend your broken heart and still smile and be happy. I think that is what makes you strong.

Also, you can’t force your heart to unlove someone. Falling in love so easily doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re marupok. Just be marupok with limitations. You know, don’t make the same mistakes over the same person twice or thrice because that is being a fool already.

Hey, we are free to love after all.

Being marupok isn’t totally a bad thing because it means you are capable of loving unconditionally–even though you know there is little or no chance of you being loved back by that person you are marupok on.

Just let yourself love; feel the joy and pain of giving love. If the love you’re giving isn’t being reciprocated then let it. Someday, you will find someone who will love you the way you do and want to be loved–maybe even more. Someday, you will find someone who wouldn’t take advantage of your vulnerability, who wouldn’t treat your vulnerability as a weakness.

Do not just learn from your mistakes, apply what you learned. Soon, you’ll come out stronger than how you intend to be.

Disclaimer: I am not a love guru. This post is solely made to lighten up someone's day.

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