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He`s just doing his best,
With passion and compassion for the rest,
All corners of his eyes were bloating and screaming,
–An eyes who demands to sleep for its sacrificing,
But, he was humilitated by the Devils mouth,
—A devil that has a million prides from the very start–
At least, he could manage to control his temper,
And, “Justice”, is the best word for him now.
He wants to explode the sparkilng feelings against the devil,
But he don`t dare, he don`t want to make dramas,
And he`s tired for another trouble ,
And if he wants!! , he don`t have chance and power.
He wanted to cry and blame the world for its unfairness,
Everyone knows him by his way of competencies,
But for him he was just nothing in the midst of filth emptied space,
His ambitious passion was shattered and broken by the tricky mouths and ferocious eyes of the DEVIL.
His dreams were fading and dying,
And he thought ” It`s too much for him to lived”.
All fuctioning organs inside him wants to collapse even its little hope wants to fade,
And thank you for the Devils mouth he was drowning from nowhere.

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