To you who is surrounded by people who fails to see beyond your scars; you who is embraced with brokenheartedness; to the losing warrior,

I finally understand.

I now understand that you love and care for other people without expecting anything in return because they have given you so little, you lost the hope of having anything at all. You gave so much love without it being reciprocated and now you’re running out of it. You’re losing, warrior.

I now understand how your laugh lights up the room because it is your weapon to keep others from thinking that you are weak; You’ve been hurt a lot they started to feel like your enemies. The world brought you so much pain it has become your battlefield. But is your weapon enough? You’re losing, warrior.

I now understand that your eyes glimmer like the stars because it is your shield to prevent other people from seeing the deeper universe that lies beneath them. The pain that they hold and words that they say; you want to surrender. You can’t possibly win against them all. You’re losing, warrior.

And I now understand that you are wrong.

You are winning, warrior.

You are here in this chaotic battlefield because of His unconditional love. Because he wants you to know that even though the world is against you, He is with you; that the more you give it all, the more you gain His love. You are winning, warrior.

You are still here in this moment because you are winning every battle you thought you have lost. That every trial you have to face and every battle you have to overcome is already won. And He is winning a lot more for you.

You can’t give up now, love, for there is more to come. And it will get tougher. You may feel like giving up. You may feel like you can’t. You may feel defeated some days, but I assure you that every loss is a win. Every trial will lead you to the success that is always meant for you.

Because you are someone so strong, so brave, and wise. And you are not meant to be shut down by the world for you are made to conquer it.


the one who believes you can.