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I’ve always felt uncertain about my future. As days passed by, the fear haunts me. The pressure, the judgements, the assurance of others from me.

I’ve been drowing on these series of what if’s in my mind. My thoughts and doubts keeps on poking me. I’ve been so afraid that I may not be able to fulfill the things that I wanted to.  I’m scared that I may dissapoint my family and loved ones. If before, I’m so excited of what I am going to be in the future, but now that I’m halfway there it felt like, I don’t even wan’t to move forward.

These series of…

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What if I fail?

What if I can’t do it?

What if I dissapoint them?

What if I won’t?

Every night I’m so bothered with these thoughts. I’m so afraid with the idea of failure because people’s expectation has always been with me because we can’t deny the fact that people are eyeing on the things that we do.

But then, I realized it should not be like that. We should not focus on how other people see us. We should not live from their own expectations about us. We should not mind their judgements. It’s our life. We should live the way we want. Let us focus more on improving ourselves day by day and conquer those fears and doubts. I believe that God is with us and with His grace I know I’m going to make it. So, if you’re reading this, do it for yourself. I’m rooting for you!

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