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When you put so much attention to only one person, you will never be satisfied in life lalo na yung ineexpect mong saya ay dapat na sya ang magbibigay. Like this:

Kahit isang libo ang nagreact sa post mo, basta hindi sya nag react, di ka masaya.

Kapag marami kang ka chat, tapos sya di ka man lang mamessage tapos on line sya at nakakapag share pa ng mga posts, napaparanoid ka.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Kahit madami kayong magtotropa sa isang trip tapos wala sya, parang kulang na kulang pa rin.

Madaming nagsabi sayo na andyan lang sila para sayo pero sya iniignore ka, useless lang din.

Please, do not let anyone to control you. Do not let someone steal your happiness. Let go of that person. If he or she lets you wonder your worth, take the courage to walk away.

It is wrong when someone occupies your heart so much. He or she can have the power over you. He or she may demand your very self and will not return what you need just to fulfill his or her selfish ends. Now, take heart, if he or she does not want the food you are offering in the table, teach him or her to eat alone.

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