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I am missing you today.

No hi’s and hellos. Nothing today. Just seeing you and your name on it, with a green dot says your active now. But not a single word, from you to me and vise versa.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Maybe that’s how it should be? Or maybe i shall wait for you again to initiate a convo? But how long would it be to finally see your name again on my inbox? Should i wait for a week or 2? Or even a month to hear from you, again?

Don’t you miss me? Because I am missing you everyday. You made me like this. You’ve made me feel like this. And now, how can i skip a day without thinking and waiting for you? I don’t know how you feel towards me, I’m confused.

  1. Why do i feel like I’m not the type of woman you want to pursue, to love, to marry? You are making me feel like this, that I am not worthy of the love that you can give. I’m starting to fall for you, and it deepens overtime. I can’t avoid it, my heart couldn’t. What am i gonna do? I’m afraid for my heart to break once again.

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