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Before I start this letter… have I told you that I am easily to fall in love or attracted with someone but on your case is different? I know, I always say this to you that there’s no chance that I will love you. I am so vocal to tell everybody that we are both out of our leagues so it can’t be. And maybe, these are the reasons this feeling is different from the other. You’re one of the kinds. You’re rare. You think your ordinary and simple? No, you’re different for me. Warning: * whispering* Don’t you dare fall for me. You’re late. This letter is about me saying goodbye to you.


First, I want to say sorry. Because the truth is that when I first felt this feeling I was so in denial and felt uneasy. I don’t want this feeling. This is the first time that I don’t want to follow what my heart says. I don’t want to love you. And this is not because you are not loveable. This is because, I feel like I am not the right one to love you. You don’t deserve my love because we are not a good match. Well, given the fact that you will never be mine anyway. We are like parallel lines. Maybe same or good but we can never meet. Platonic. But I guess, my heart is playful and made a big mistake, crossing that line. I’ve crossed your line. But you never did on mine. And that’s it. I am sorry for feeling so wrong that I am loving you. You’re not a mistake. I was the one who did the mistake. Anyway, my heart still won over me. Guess what, it may sound cliché, but I am loving you for years now. I don’t want to deny it anymore. And hey, I don’t need your answer. I just want to say it. I am so happy that I felt this way. I know I’m still you human, coz I am loving someone. Maybe when you grow older, you felt like it doesn’t matter if that feeling is reciprocated. What matters most is what you feel. It always about what you feel. If it can be reciprocated thank you and if not still, thank you for telling me. And that’s the kind of feeling I felt for you. That is the kind of love I have for you. I told you, you’re different.

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Lastly, wait. I want to clear that I am telling you this not to beg for you. But to inform you. Have I told you again that I don’t want to let go this thing? Not because I am hoping that somehow, it will change. But because this is the only and last thing, I am connected to you-my feelings. Am I insane? Definitely yes. But I guess, all things need to end in time. And you know, the time has come for my feelings. For the last time, I want to tell you that I’ve loved you. God knows how much I am so happy feeling this way, regardless of anything. You’re on my prayers. I never felt wasting my energy falling in love with you. Because that is what I want, I enjoyed it. You don’t need to apologize for not feeling the same way. It also teaches me a lesson. So, don’t feel any burden about this anymore. This is an open letter to my four-year love for the very last time. Goodbye, H.


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