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They say that you cannot fall in love while you are in this industry because no one would stay. Everything is just temporary. People would take calls and after their shift, you would not even be sure if it is the last time they would show up.

I made that clear to myself and made sure that I would never put any signs of interest to anyone. But it was hard. Just as hard as how one is handling a customer with no resolution and the last resort is to deliver a difficult message that it is actually the dead end. Because the next thing I knew, I have already liked you.

You have no idea how hard it is to try my best not to compliment you with how beautiful you are the moment you hit that production floor. It is all driving me crazy. I try my best not to talk to you too much when it is what I have been anticipating to do for the rest of the day before going to our office. I want to listen to you. I want to hear you laugh and make you smile. I want to know more of your story and hopefully be part of it. I cannot even imagine how a day would pass without me admiring you for who you are.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

More than the joy of going home after our eight hour long shift, I am always delighted that we found a friend in one another. We were supporting each other. You were my rockstar for doing so well in leading our team’s standard. In times of hardships and long calls, I would just look at you and I would be back to my fully charged self. You were an inspiration.

You always make me laugh and I am amazed by how strong and independent you are. You are such an intelligent young lady. We had our inside jokes, we were teasing each other and we were jokingly competing with one another. Being with you made our job less stressful.

I can still remember the first time we actually had our “moment.” You asked me to go and grab some food at the snack bar with you, I followed you. I was staring at your back while you were leading the way and in that moment, I managed to let out a smile and the words “I like you,” somehow made its way out from it but it was not audible enough for you to hear.

Yes, you did not hear it and you should not. Because I respect you and the guy you chose and allowed to pursue you before we met. You have a suitor and I am fine with it. I just need to control myself and stay from where I am–being your friend. I respect him and most especially, I respect you.

I know that things are not yet official between the two of you and that I could still make a move and take risk to pursue you but it is clear to me that you made a choice of letting him in into your life. I do not want to interrupt to the story you are trying to build with him. The love that you deserve is the one that you think you deserve. You allowed him to pursue you and I respect that. I just hope that you find in him the guy that you truly deserve.

But in any cases that you guys would not end up together, still, I would not pursue you because you deserve a guy who is willing to go against all odds to win you and I am not him. I chose not to fight because I can’t risk losing you and the very least thing that connects us–our friendship.

It was a pleasure working with you but my shift has ended. Thank you, Rockstar!

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