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Dear You,

I haven’t met you yet but I wish for you to take your time. Take your time because I want you to be completely ready when our paths cross. Or who knows, we have already met and you might still be in the process of realizing that you like me enough to pursue me. In whatever way, I tell you, I will be willing to wait.

Take your time to figure out things that will make you grow as a better person; the person who is happy with himself that he can bring love and peace to the people around him;
the person who is capable of loving deeply amidst the complexities of life, the person whom I deserve and who deserves me.
More so, this will not just be your battle to take. I, too, want to be the best for you. I am still in the process of preparing myself to be deserving of your love someday. I will gladly take this journey so when the time comes, I will be capable of loving you. You are not going to complete me. If our stars will align, I will already be complete.

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I know that this isn’t easy. The waiting game can sometimes be a torture. There are doubts, fears, sadness and confusion along the way. What I need you to do is to trust. Trust that there is a powerful thing called God’s Will. Trust how once you have been saved from the heartbreaks of your “almosts” in life. How it has never worked out with anybody else.

I am far from perfect. I know that you are either. I believe that both of us are still a work in progress.
But trust that someday we will find our way to each other because we are meant to be together.

I promise that one day, I will find my way to you.

With full of hope and love,
Your future somebody

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