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Hi there. You got my attention. Well, not because I’m attracted to you but because I want to somehow talk you out of what you’re doing.

Don’t get wrong, even I don’t like unsolicited advices that is why instead of sending you a direct message, I just chose to write here and hope that you’ll notice it. The fact that you’re here reading my article means you want to know something that you might not have tried yet.

This article, by the way, could be for you. It could be for a friend or someone you know but the point is, someone out there needs to read this because they’re setting themselves up for heartbreak.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Let me break this down for you, young lady. Let me be as skeptical as you.

That’s not how you attract a gentleman. Nope, you will never find him in a bar hitting on women. Nope, finding him somewhere he shouldn’t be in is the big red flag you’ll ever get. You going to a bar to flirt with him, makes you a screaming red flag to him too. It means you’re there for something else and not really for commitment. The bar is just the wrong place to go. Well, you can find him online, on social media, but what are chances that you will find him there? What are the odds? Can you tell me how many times you tried but instead they act differently after some time? Where do you find him? In church? Well, not necessarily! You could find him elsewhere, just not in places that makes you regret what you did the next day.

Nope, that’s not how you should promote yourself online. If you are really looking for a lifetime partner do you think posting your almost naked body on there will make him attracted to you? Is your body the best tool to showcase who you really are? Don’t get me wrong, I agree! I am so in agreement with you that how a woman dresses should not define her, but is that how all men think? Okay, let’s back up a little bit. I don’t want to be bashed here. You posting your body online because you’re proud of it is your choice, however, your intention for posting it online is what will matter. If you are posting it so different men will pop up on your inbox to say hi, well, you’re clearly doing it wrong. You’re not just a body, lady. You’re more than that. Your body doesn’t showcase who you are as a person. If that is all that you can offer, then all that you’ll get are temporary attention from men who only wants you to fill their ego.

No way! That’s not how it’s done! Take it from a man who wants to have the best partner. If you show yourself as someone wild or ready for sex with someone who’s not committed to you, then you’re just gonna be treated like that. If you’re gonna make it easy then that’s how some of us are gonna treat you. Easy. A piece of meat that most of us want to taste—but not someone worth committing our lives to.


I know you’re probably wondering when the right man comes, but it’s better to be sure and slow than be hasty and actually miss what really matters in the end. I know you want love and that’s where all these longings are coming from, right? But, please, do not lower your standards for men who clearly just wants to get a piece of you. The right man will love you for your wounds, but he deserves the best from you and you allowing different men to touch you just makes the chances of finding him difficult. You deserve the best and so does he. Look at the future and think about that.

Last tip: When a man wants a lady to be seriously his, there’s gonna be butterflies in his stomach. There will be moments when he’ll not know what to say, it’s gonnna be awkward—But it’s true.

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Patrick is an INFJ, an introvert with a quest to equip boys of his generation into becoming the real gentlemen that this society and mediocre dating culture needs. He writes articles, songs and poetry. He have this mini library in his room full of books about morality, gentlemanhood and spirituality. He is a musician, a Christian apologist by discovery, an athlete and a military enthusiast.