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To my one that got away,

Maybe not the best way to start this, but thank you.
Thank you for shining your light on me. Thank you for making me feel the warmth of your love.
I am forever be grateful that God has blessed me of having someone like you.
Ours was a  story written by the best writer of all time. That I knew for sure.

We had the best of times, shared the best moments like it was meant to be best forever.
We soared together the highest, never touching the ground hoping we’ll make it through.
I held your hand and you held mine. Tight and locked. As if saying we’ll never let go of each other.
I wrapped my arms around you, it felt like a glimpse of heaven.
Never knew an angel could fit right within my arms.
Grabbed my phone, took a photo of us. Another one. Yet another perfect memory.
Some saved somewhere but most saved in our hearts.
I was thinking at that very moment, “What did I ever do to be graced with such beautiful soul?”
Your smile, that signature smile of yours where your eyes close as your lips widens.
I’d pull a star just to see you smile for the rest of time.
How I wish. That someday you will be the first person I see in the morning and the last at night.
Having a toast of our coffee mugs to having that 5 minute talks before going to sleep.
Being on a place where each others comfort is second to breathing. A place we can call home.
My love for you will always be the best thing I could ever have. Thank you!

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Life is a constant change. Ups and downs. Good times, not so good times.
I’m glad I experienced these with you. For I know every challenge will make us fall, but every fall can be a lesson and our foundation.
We had tough moments when we feel like giving up.
Passing through that stage on our lives where a decision can also be a sacrifice.

Sunset, as to what i think of it. I knew time will come when we have to see where life will take us.
Like the sunset slowly fading below the horizon, we had to rest for a while.

I pray that you and I will see each other one day again with our hands held together, my arms wrapped around you, on a place where forever starts, home.


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