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I was on my way back home from work.
As I glanced through the window of the van, I saw a kid. He was running around with a genuine smile.
He’s playing with his kite and I could assume it was his first time to make the kite soar through the skies. I witnessed pure joy and happiness.
Then I wondered how something so simple can be the reason of our happiness and satisfaction.

I thought, what if He is that kid and I am his kite. Like, from the start I’m His precious little kite.

Slowly, He sets me free. Allowing me to soar through the skies. Up up up and up I go.
Within the reach of the clouds and even higher sometimes.
It feels so good being above the ground. Having the best time of my life.
That feeling when everything runs smoothly.
Happiness in my heart that somehow makes me wish I never touch the ground again.
As time went by, I slowly forgot the Man below who’s watching me.

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Then there goes the strong winds. Storming in hard from every side.
Everywhere is dark. No one to hold on to. Nothing to cling on to.
The best moments of my life seemed nothing but a distant memory.
And then I realized, I am nothing but sticks and papers soaring the sky.
I realized how vulnerable I am. On every angle and on every edge.
Crippled, torn, broken. I became a total mess.
Roughest part of the journey wherein I thought falling would be the best thing I could do.
“Where is He?” — The wrong question I kept on asking.
I got lost on my journey.
Maybe, the right question would be “Where am I?”

Time quickly went by and the strong winds are fading away.
Sunlight slowly touching everything it sees.
Clouds forming like a haven again. I feasted my eyes on the beautiful rainbows and sunset. Everything seemed clear now.
Once again, warmth is embracing me. No other word can describe the feeling, Hope.

As I looked down, maybe for the first time since I went up, I saw Him to my delight.
He’s looking upwards, with that pure and genuine smile, and happiness in His heart.
I can see He’s rolling something on His hands.
It felt like something is slowly pulling me closer and closer to Him.

I forgot that I am His ‘precious little kite’.
No matter how far I go, or how high I soar, He was and will be always with me.
He was holding the string tight all this time. He will never let me go.
Slowly he pulls the string. Every second is an inch closer.
Almost there..
Just a little bit more..
Back to His arms. Right back to where I belong.

God allows us to be free. Maybe for us to experience happiness, joy, comfort, and sometimes even pain.
Not for us to be torn nor broken, but for us to see the beauty of life.


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