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In this life, I only have my eyes on you. My heart will beat only for you. I will always think about you, pray for you.
I want to experience joy and to laugh while i bully you. Cook you that favorite meal. Stare at you while you sleep and snore at the middle of the night. Sing with you at random songs that enters your mind while in the bathroom. I want to serve you and take care of you everyday for the rest of my life.
My love, now that you have me.. you wont ever be so lonely anymore. You wont be alone carrying all the pressure and the burdens that this world will give. You have me. Ill carry everything with you. I will always be by your side. I will forever cherish you and I will thank the Lord, giving praises to Him for He gave me a future husband that this world cannot offer. I will pray with you though victories and sufferings.. We will worship the Lord together. I will be your bestfriend, the one who can hold all of your secrets. I will be a good listener and a good adviser. I will choose whats best for you, and will always choose you. I will be a good wife to you and a good mother to all our children. I will devote myself to you, my faithful and godly husband, in sickness and in health and for richer and for poorer… ill only have you… beyond death.

I will only ask you one thing….. just please dont break my heart. For it will never be molded again. If you break it, i cannot love another anymore because I programmed it to love you, and only you till eternity.
To my AJ, I love you…. plus que ma proprie vie.

I have only one dream, that is to be with you for eternity.

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